Real Estate Market in Turkey

Turkey, one of Europe's most promising real estate market and our mantra is especially true for this country "location, location, location". Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, the crossroads of strategically located and which is home to about 81 million people in Turkey, real estate, combining a large construction sector with a growing commercial and industrial manufacturing offers great opportunities for developers and investors.

Some important facts and figures in the Turkish real estate sector are:

The real estate sector accounts for about 8.4 percent of GDP in the last decade. On the investment side, foreign direct investments were realized as USD 10.8 billion. In 2017, USD 4.6 billion (42.9%) of the real estate and construction sector was invested. Renovation and mega projects come to the fore especially for a foreseeable future in Istanbul. Some of the projects in the city include Marmaray, Kanal Istanbul, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel and Istanbul's 3rd Airport. The Urban Renewal and Development initia