What is a residence permit? Who are eligible for it in Turkey ?

Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreign nationals that enter in the country with a valid passport or a substitute document as a passport are allowed to stay in our country during the term of their visa or a of a visa exemption. However, foreign nationals that wish to stay longer than the term of their visa or visa exemption period are obliged to get a residence permit.

You can choose your country on the form below to learn whether a visa is applied to it or not, and what is the longest term you can stay in the country in one entrance.

When should you apply for a residence permit? Foreign nationals that wish to get a residence permit must apply before their visa or visa exemption expires as of the date they enter in Turkey with their passport. Applications after expiration of their visa or visa exemption will not be accepted, and the foreign national will be asked to leave the country.

Where should you apply for a residence permit? Residence permit applications will be made to our representation offices abroad as of January 1, 2015. However, applications will be made to the police departments or immigration offices, if any, in turkey until the preparations are concluded by the representation offices.

Who are the foreign nationals that are exempt from a residence permit? Those that are present in Turkey during the visa term or visa exemption term

Those that lose their Turkish citizenship by way of getting a permit for ceasing to be a citizen of the country

Those that have a "registration certificate" for international protection application

Those that are exempt from a residence permit pursuant to reciprocal or multilateral conventions to which Republic of Turkey is also a party

Diplomacy and consulate officers that hold office in Turkey, and their family members - limited to their spouses and children they are obliged to look after- that are notified by the Ministry of Exteriors

Those that work for representative offices of international establishments in Turkey whose status is defined as per agreements

Those that have an identity card of "international protection applicant"

Those that have an identity card of "international protection status"

Those that have an identity card of "statelessness"

Those that have a valid work permit

Which documents are required for applying for a residence permit? Foreign national that asks for a residence permit must have entered in the country with a proper visa or visa exemption, and the passport must have been sealed with the last date of entry. You must have a passport with a validity date with minimum 60 days (two months) longer than the term asked for the residence permit. You can have access to details regarding the required documents and amount of fees depending on the intended purpose of travelling and the citizenship at Residence Calculation

How to extend the expired residence permit? Foreign nationals that have a residence permit are obliged to have it extended in a timely fashion if they wish to stay longer in Turkey. Foreign nationals that ask for an extension should apply for an extension two months before the residence permit expires. Foreign nationals that fail to have the residence permit extended in the prescribed time may be categorised as "runaways", and asked to leave the country. However application by foreigner nationals that have a "reasonable" excuse may be accepted. Foreign nationals must have applied to the relevant institutions and establishments minimum two months before the residence permit expires in accordance with the International Protection Law.

What should be done in case the residence address changes? Foreign nationals that move to another province different from the province of residence permit must file an application in the new province latest in 20 business days for a new residence permit. If the type of residence permit remains unchanged, a new residence permit is issued only, without having to pay for fee anew.

What should be done in case the foreign national gets marries, divorced or in case of changes in other such details?

In case of change of home address, marital status, passport forename or surname, foreign nationals are obliged to notify the relevant institution and establishment within twenty business days.

What should be done in case the residence permit is lost? In case the residence permit is lost, stolen or worn out, it will be re-issued. Foreign nationals that get their residence permit lost go t the police department in place of residence, fill out a "lost property report", and apply to the relevant institution that issued the residence permit as soon as possible. In this case, the price of the residence permit will be fully charged, and the fee will be charged in half. If you have lost your residence permit certificate, go to the closets police department or police station and ask for a "Lost property Report".

What is a residence cut-off? How to calculated uninterrupted residence term? Except for compulsory public service, educational and health reasons, times spent outside Turkey exceeding six months in a year or one year in the last five years are considered as residence cut-off. If you have cut-off in the term of residence, the previous terms o residence will not be added to the residence permit applications or to any other residence permits. How to calculate residence for students? In calculating uninterrupted residence terms, half of the student's residence term will be considered, and the other residence permits will be considered in full. How to calculate the residence permit for individuals that also have a work permit? In calculating the residence permit terms, the work permit and "Work permit Exemption Confirmation" terms are added to the total term. Residence permits that are obtained by way of marriage of convenience and that are cancelled afterwards are not included in calculating the residence permits.

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