Northern Cyprus Banks

Banking in North Cyprus is mostly the same as you will find in most modern

European countries. The Central Bank of the TRNC is responsible for the

monetary, credit, and exchange policy, and acts as banker to North Cyprus


North Cyprus Banks are run according to British standards and transactions

can be carried out in most foreign currencies. There are two types of

commercial banks in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC):

branches of large Turkish banks, and local banks.

Credit cards can be used to exchange money at most banks in Northern

Cyprus. Banking services in North Cyprus go beyond the traditional and often

include insurance, leasing, hire purchase finance, factoring, mutual fund

management, investment and consulting as well as custody and asset

management services. Your Northern Cyprus bank account can be easily

reached via electronic access and through internet banking, which is now

increasingly used enabling you to make a number of worldwide transactions.

English is widely spoken and banks in the Turkish Republic of Northern

Cyprus usually have at least one member of staff who speaks English and will

be able to help you with your requirements. Cash point machines are widely

available all over North Cyprus and they accept most major credit and charge


There are many banks in TRNC to choose from, in addition to branches of the

H.S.B.C, here is a list of other major banks that can be found in North Cyprus:

Akdeniz Garanti Bank, Akfinans Bank, Asbank Ltd., Asya Bank, Er Bank,

Everest Bank Ltd., Kibris Faisal Islam Bank, Finba Finansal Bank Ltd., Hamza

Bank, KKTC Kalkinma Bank, Kibris Altinbas Bank, Kibris Continental Bank

Ltd., Kibris Endustri Bank, Kibris Euro Bank, Kibris Finans Bank, Nicosia Turk

Kooperatif Iktisat Bank, Seker Bank Ltd., Rumeli Bank, Universal Bank, Viya

Bank and Yasabank.

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