Altinkum Didim Turkey

Altinkum & Didim – History of the region

Didyma (Didim in Turkish) was a sacred place from the 8th century BC it was actually the centre of the city of Milletos which had a spring and sacred grove. Didyma actually means twins and was associated with the meeting place of Leot and Zues to have their twins Apollo and Artemis.

In ancient times Didyma was on the edge of the sea and followed a shore road, on either side where statues of lions, priests of the Temple of Apollo.

Artemis Temple has a total of 124 columns, many of which are still standing today. In the spectacular grounds are still fragments of the rich decorations including the famous head of Medusa.

The temples were destroyed by the Persians in 494 B.C. then rebuilt by ALEXANDER THE GREAT’s orders.

The Temple of Apollo was a major monument is its day, however now not much of this Iconic temple remains.

Today this ancient city and its ruined Temple of Apollo, is located 2.4m(4km) inland from very popular holiday resort coastal town of Didim, population of 35.000. This small town’s earlier Turkish name was Yenisher but in 1991 when that name was dropped and the town name as Didim assigned, according areas historical name.

Didim is in Soke a district of the province of Aydin and situated on the south-west Aegean coast of Turkey, between Bodrum and Kusadasi

Didim is the “Gateway to the Land of Oracles”, where tourists can visit famous sites such as the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, which is the only major historical point of interest in Didim itself, and the other of ancient Ionian cities of Miletus, present-day village of Yenikoy and Priene, present-day village

Didim today

Didim was nothing but a small village 20 years ago but now it has become one of the major holiday vacation centres in Turkish Aegean Sea coast. Tourism is the main source of income for the area, especially in summer, but agriculture is also an important contributor, the main crops are wheat and cotton.

Didim has no airports but is easily accessible from both Bodrum and Izmir Airports. This year 2012 sees the opening of the new International Terminal in Bodrum.

The airport has taken two years to build and will have an annual capacity for 5 million tourists to pass through the doors, state of the art security, and capacity to take jumbo planes, a total of 66 check in desks.

In anticipation of the new airports the infrastructure of the area, has been developed to cope with the increase in traffic, reducing resort transfer times.

A few minutes away from Didim is the resort centre of Altinkum.


The town of Altinkum is situated on the Aegean coast of Turkey, 56 miles north west of Bodrum. It is positioned in a lovely bay backed by some gently, rising hills. Although relatively small at present, the resort is fast growing as its popularity increases. The resort front is entirely pedestrianized, and currently being repaved in marble, making the walk along the promenade a more upmarket experience. Altinkum has mainly British patrons, although it is very popular with the Turkish during their own holiday period. There is also an old town centre about a 20-25 minute walk from the resort seafront and is primarily used by the locals. The town centre also has a selection of shops and restaurants.